End Chronic Pain and Streamline Sex

Chronic pain can be a serious inhibitor of a healthy sex life, but a simple surgery may be the solution.

There are few things that are more of a turn-off than being in pain. It’s hard to think about sex when you’ve got sharp pains running down your spines, your muscles are aching, or you’ve got a serious injury. No matter how much the spirit is willing, the flesh’s weakness will make it pretty much impossible to get in the mood.

Chronic pain can be a serious inhibitor of a healthy sex life. It can put a strain on marriages and relationships and detract from the intimacy and connection with your spouse. But according to recent research, a simple surgery may be the solution to dealing with the pain-related sex life issues you’re facing.

A team of researchers from the University of California-San Francisco found that undergoing surgery to treat spinal disease (spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis) can help to restore and improve sex life and, reduce both disability and pain.

The Spine Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT) is among the largest clinical trials using surgery to treat spinal disorders. The data from the SPORT was used by the researchers to undergo either surgical or non-surgical treatment for their spinal disorders. The patients all suffered pain (leg, back, or other) as a result of the disorder.

Over 800 patients stated that sexual activity was an important part of their life. 55% of the patients claimed that pain affected their sex life to some extent. Over 500 patients underwent surgical procedures, while close to 300 underwent non-surgical treatment. After the procedures, 40% of non-surgical patients reported pain during sexual activity, but fewer than 20% of surgical patients experienced pain while having sex. Over years of follow-up, the improvement continued.

This study was intended to evaluate how the various treatment methods could improve the quality of life for sufferers of spinal pain. As the study proved, surgery is the more effective option for dealing with the pain caused by spinal disorders. It may also improve the quality of life and sex life of patients suffering from other types of spinal injuries.

If you’re dealing with back pain, it may be a good idea to consider the surgical treatment route. Non-surgical treatment options may be a viable option in some cases, but as this study proved, surgery has a greater chance of improving your sex life by reducing pain during sex-related activities. Imagine how much it will reduce the pain in the other areas of your life as well.


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