Endurance, Imagination, and Presence

How do you run two thousand miles in a hundred days? By running each of them one at a time.

There are two choices to make when faced with society’s problems, or your own. You can sit and talk about how horrible and sad they are, or you can get about the business of doing something about them. Michael McCastle falls in the latter camp, and his Twelve Labors Project has allowed him to raise funds and provide services for a wide variety of philanthropic causes.

He recently completed his sixth labor, in which he ran 20 miles a day for 100 consecutive days to provide support for veterans struggling with mental health issues. Mike and Pete Hitzeman dive into the gritty details of this brutal event, along with the strategies he employed to overcome the physical and mental challenge it presented. He illustrates how he used visualization to prepare himself for each mile, and how he learned to mentally stay in the mile he was in.

The lessons Mike learned in this labor are applicable to all of us in our everyday challenges, and we all would do well to try and implement them in our lives, even outside of our pursuit of health and fitness. This is one interview that will leave you inspired and motivated to make yourself and your community better.