Everything You Need to Know to Compete in the New CrossFit Open

There’s only one Open this coming year, six months on the heels of the last one meaning the rules have changed and you need to strategize in a totally new way.

The CrossFit Open 2020 starts in October 2019. It’s a new set of rules and a new look for CrossFit, and frankly, it might be a little confusing, and I have been doing the Open at all levels since 2011. So, below, you’ll find my video explaining all the options for everyone from the casual gym goes who just wants to test themselves to the Masters athletes, teams, and individuals looking to find a way to the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Open 2020 Changes

There is only one Open and one season this year; it’s starting October 10, five weeks. If you are doing the Open to have fun, just do the workouts, do them one time and enjoy them. Relax. If you are looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games, the top 20 from the Open will go through, as before, with the backflow from the sanctioned events.

Sanctioned events have longstanding histories, in some cases, and have their own criteria for participation so, you need to look at each one separately. Athletes from sanctioned events will also go to the CrossFit Games.

Masters should see the Open as training because mature athletes will have their own qualifier, the top 200 athletes in each age group from the Open having to go through an Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) in 2020.

Teams can only qualify through sanctionals. The santionals start in November, 2019 and go through to June, 2020.

But, let’s get into the video below. It should help make things clearer.

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