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If you feed yourself poorly, your strength, energy, and hormones will be thrown out of balance, and this will have a significant effect on your work and family life.

There are three things I spend my days focusing on: my family, LSU strength and conditioning, and nutrition/supplementation. Each of these impacts the other but none more so than adequate and proper nutrition. If we feed ourselves poorly, our strength, energy, and hormones will be thrown out of balance, and this will have a significant effect on your work and family life. The founders of Eboost, Josh Taekman and John McDonald, set out to find a cleaner way to fuel their busy days and change the way people energize, replenish, and feed their well-being.

Breaking Down My New Supply

Eboost claims it is for people who live to do more every day—who thrive on the go and always have a new goal on the horizon. They strive to create products that power you through the workday, a workout, and all the moments that matter. Eboost has broken down their products into four different categories with multiple flavor options in the Energy and Protein categories.

I always look forward to giving new and different supplements a test drive to see if they can help me achieve my own goals, as well as the goals of my athletes and clients. Since I have easily tried over 1,000 products and I continue to train like an athlete, it makes it easy for me to tell if a product works the way it should. I was able to sample the Eboost Super Powder, Prime, Pow, and Spruce. For these products, I stopped the usage of my current supplementation, except vitamins and minerals, in order to get the best results from my four day supply.

The packaging was easy to open, very clean looking, and reflects the image Eboost wants to project. I received all sample size packets which made them very convenient to travel with or put in my bag for work. The ingredients were also clearly labeled but may be difficult to read on the smaller packets if you need glasses. Overall, packaging receives a 4.5 out of 5.

My Adventure in Tastes and Efficacy

Before I talk about the flavor of these products, I must preface this by saying I am not at all a fan of sparkling water. I mention this due to the fact that both the Super Powder and Pow had very similar effervescent tastes. I received three flavors of the Super Powder: acai pomegranate, pink lemonade, and orange. I mixed each in 12 oz of water, as suggested, and ingested them in the late afternoon when my mind was fuzzy and energy was lacking. Each flavor took approximately 2.5 min to completely stop fizzing before I could take a drink.

Super Powder

The acai pomegranate was slightly bitter and left an unpleasant after taste which made it impossible for me to taste the flavor on the label. The pink lemonade was better, but not sweet like I expected. It tasted a little like a lemon peel smells, but still better than acai pomegranate. Lastly, the orange was the clear winner out of the taste test. It had a good orange flavor, although still slightly bitter, and if I had to choose, I would choose the orange every time. I wake up at 4:15 am most mornings to train college athletes and write programs and articles, so I don’t leave the building until 6-6:30 pm. So, despite my issues with the taste, this product was very effective at getting me back to normal about 30 minutes after ingestion. Overall, this product gets a 3.5 out of 5.


The Pow pre-workout powder is the second of the fizzy products Eboost offers that I was able to sample. Once again, I am not a fan of effervescent flavors, but if you like Perrier or other sparkling drinks, then these will taste better to you. I took this berry melon flavored product 5-10 minutes prior to my workout in 6-8 oz of water, as suggested. This was easily my least favorite flavor. I did try two out of the four packets but disliked the flavor too much for the final two. The product did seem to work fairly well, but was packed with 175mg of caffeine which was too much for me. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, so this level of caffeine was over-stimulating. My positive note on this is that it contains 1.6g of carnosyn, which is the minimum effective dose of beta-alanine. Overall, I give Pow a 2 out of 5.


The greens powder, Spruce, was one of my favorite items from Eboost. It contains the same amount of caffeine as about half a cup of coffee which acts as a good delivery system for the ingredients. The taste is very good. It tastes like a semi sweet apple with a hint of ginger. It is difficult to judge the effectiveness of this product since I was only able to try it for four days. I would allow four weeks of use before noticing any real effects stimming from this product. Although a bit pricey per serving, I would definitely add this to my daily greens routine. Overall, I give Spruce a 4.5 out of 5.


Last but not least, is the protein powder called Prime. Although 1 gram short on glutamine and what looks like a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, this protein was a nice post workout treat. The flavor of the chocolate reminded me of when I was a kid working with my grandpa during Christmastime. It has a good, creamy chocolate flavor like that of Nestle hot chocolate mix. It’s tasty and brings back good memories, so let’s call that a win. The vanilla also had a good flavor but would be better if mixed in a smoothie or used in baked goods. Neither had a chalky flavor and both mixed well. This protein is on the pricier side at just over $3.00 per serving, but in this industry, you typically get what you pay for when it comes to protein. Once again, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of this product on four servings. Overall, I give Prime a 4 out of 5.

That’s a Lot of Caffeine

Overall, this brand has accomplished its goals of having clean, effective, and energizing products that power people through their day. If you have some extra money to spend on your health, it would be well-spent with Eboost. Although I have had tastier products available on the market, Eboost hits the mark when it comes to effectiveness.

The only red flag I have is the total amount of caffeine you would intake if you used all of their products each day. If you combined Spruce, Pow, Super Powder, and Shot, that would total 477.5mg of caffeine. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 400 mg of caffeine per day appears to be safe for most healthy adults.1 If you are like most people and take all of these products in addition to your morning cup of joe, you are far exceeding the 400 mg. Be aware of your total caffeine intake if you choose Eboost. If you like your energy products to taste like Perrier, and want your protein to have a smooth, creamy taste, then give Eboost a try and let me know what you think about it.

Eboost Supplements At a Glance
Products Reviewed Super Powder

Available in Acai Pomegranate, Orange, Pink Lemonade

20 servings for about $1.65 per serving


Available in Tropical Punch and Berry Melon

20 servings for about $2.00 per serving


One flavor, Green Apple Ginger

14 servings for about $1.70 per serving


Available in Chocolate and Vanilla

14 servings for about $3.00 per serving

Features Non-GMO

Gluten and soy free

Low in sugar

No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners


1. “Caffeine: How much is too much?” Mayo Clinic, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 8 Mar. 2017.

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