Author: Chris White

Chris White has more than 15 years of experience working in athletics. As a former professional athlete, Chris has worked with and been trained by Dr. Marcus Elliott, one of the leading doctors in sports performance today. While working with Dr. Elliot at his training facility P3 in Santa Barbara, Chris helped train some of the best professional athletes in the MLB, AVP, NBA, and NFL. Chris, a graduate of Cal Poly University, was an AFCA All-American defensive lineman and track and field athlete. He is a certified USAW Level II Instructor, RKC Team Leader, and CSCS. He holds a Master of Science degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science from Cal Poly. In his graduate studies, he focused on different types of recovery from strength training and teamed up with Dr. Chris Holder to write his master’s thesis on the effects of Qigong on strength gains and wellbeing in collegiate athletes. Chris is in the process of getting his thesis published while continuing his research on recovery modalities' effects on sports performance, as well as the effects of Qigong on flow state. Chris is married to Dr. Kim (Baker) White and they have two black labs named Emma and Grady.

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