It’s time to put down the cable concentration curls and pick up some heavy stuff—really heavy stuff.
A heart attack may be inevitable for some people, but researchers found that those who exercise had a better shot at surviving.
Having a dream is one thing, but are you ready to put in the work it takes to compete at an elite level in CrossFit?
If your progress is stalled on your big lifts, this auxiliary work will help you break through.
The numbers on your wrist are nowhere near as important as what your body is telling you.
Don't let the 5 o'clock crowd stand between you and your goals.
So which is it? Should you eat before training? If so, how much, and how close to working out?
The cross-flow of ideas from the military and civilian fitness worlds will improve both populations.
One of the best ways create a sense of superhuman strength, whether you are hypermobile or not, is to get strong throughout the joint’s entire range of motion.
Of course, the purists mocked people who exercised using a video game. To them, there was no reason to engage in physical activity in front of your TV when you could go to the gym.
You might not want to be a sprinter, but you definitely want a sprinter's legs.
If you have to blast through a movement to get from point A to point B, you don't own the positions required to do it with control.
It's vital that we pay attention to waist circumference rather than the numbers on a scale.
Most of us make our way through life with an unnaturally high level of neuromuscular tension, let's stop it.
The standing barbell overhead press gets a bad rap, but most problems are due to the lifter, not the lift.
A qualitative approach to a physical education system will rewire our selfish, shortsighted cultural patterns.