10 Methods to Prevent and Treat Shoulder Injuries

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Many athletes deal with shoulder pain at one point or another. But how do you minimize the chances of this happening to you? And what is the best course of action if you do incur a shoulder injury? Read these ten articles to help you work it all out.



Understanding the Shoulder and Bulletproofing It From Injury (Tom Kelso)

Let's take a close look at all the potential movements we can execute with the shoulder joint. Then, let's look at how we can strengthen the joint and girdle to protect ourselves from injury.


The Thing You Do Everyday That’s Setting You Up For Shoulder Injuries (Brooke Thomas)

Many of us internally rotate our arms all day long while we work. Sadly, this exact positioning is a set up for a shoulder impingement or rotator cuff or labrum tear down the road.


A Quick Look at Preventing and Treating Shoulder Instability (Jeff Barnett)

Most athletes deal with shoulder pain at one point or another. The root cause for most of them is shoulder instability. But what causes instability and how can you fix it?



Why Do I Keep Jacking Up My Shoulder? A CrossFitter's Dilemma (Meghan Hackler)

By correcting your mechanics and teaching your body how to move more efficiently, you’ll quit f’ing up your shoulder and start f’ing up WODs.


Do This, Not That: What People With Shoulder, Wrist, Knee, or Calf Issues Should and Shouldn't Do (Andrew Read)

Reality is most of us are messed up in some way and there are just some things we shouldn’t do. But there’s always a way to work around a problem, avoid injury, and keep edging our way forward


I've Jacked Up My Shoulder: What Did I Damage and What Do I Do Now? (Meghan Hackler)

A decrease in scapular control places the glenohumeral joint at a mechanical disadvantage, and bigger muscles start to compensate for the smaller ones getting no love. Result? Shoulder pain.


The Best Method for Talking to Your Doctor About Shoulder Injury (Brandi Ross)

Communicating with doctors can be frustrating and overwhelming. Here are outlined questions you should ask your physician when you have a shoulder injury, to get the best quality treatment.


How to Heal Shoulder and Lumbar Spine Injuries (Lindsey Mathews)

As a health practitioner, the two most common injuries I see are shoulder and low back injuries. Here is my advice for how to handle and heal from these common athletic injuries.


The Facts on Rotator Cuff Injuries and Treatment (Doug Dupont)

Science takes a look at rotator cuff injuries and gives advice on how to treat them. While some rehab is recommended, conservative treatment is not the most effective option, according to researchers.


Mental and Physical Rehab for Injured Shoulders (Willow Ryan)

How often have we heard or said the words, "I have a shoulder issue." Here are some tips for releasing your shoulder issues, including a yoga pose for healing and stretching.

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