While the upper back and neck take the hit for our poor posture, they are usually not the root cause of our issues.
There is a reason this hunk of iron has been around for hundreds of years.
Injuries aren’t a curse. They’re feedback.
Your hear should definitely feel it when you lift. Don't undervalue strength training.
It's a scientific fact, it's never too late to commit to movement, and strength, and flexibility, and mobility, and fitness. Your attitude is all that counts.
When it's hot out, do you workout at the same intensity as you would with cooler weather or do you take it down a notch?
Play around, build strength, gain control, and move better.
The cost of not honoring our bio-evolutionary needs is a near certain path toward mental angst and physical deterioration.
A study of skeletal muscle mass distribution suggests women need to focus on strength training more to offset the impact of aging.
To put it simply, Zercher squats are brutally hard.
Depression may impact mortality but research shows that exercise proves a useful antidote.
The healthiest, longest living adults are the ones who sleep well and manage their stress correctly.
A large majority of us—yes, even your coaches and fitness idols—have to dig up that motivation in any way we can.
Our objective should be to create opportunities for health and fitness for everyone. Our goal should be to elevate the indie gyms that create supportive, nurturing fitness families.
Elevate your push ups with these training techniques.
Sustainable health and fitness follows one thing: a commitment to continual growth as the prime directive for your life.
The hardest part of getting in shape is getting started.