A 5 Minute Set to Improve Your Run Technique

Shawn Gerber


Endurance Sports, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning



This set works on two key areas that will help you to be a smooth, powerful runner: effective body lean, and efficient ground contact (the quicker it is, the less you slow your forward momentum = going further with less effort).



Developing Smooth and Efficient Running

These drills help you develop a feel for the sensations of smooth and efficient running. Focusing of specific aspects of run form helps your nervous system internalize it part by part so it becomes automatic and effortless as you go out on your runs.



Banded Body Lean - Grab a band, attach it to something sturdy, and hop inside of it, placing the band just above your hips. From here, lean as one whole unit, bending at the ankles, NOT at the hips (see video). Then, find your running pose, lean into it, and run in place. Focus on the feeling of picking up your foot (lifting with the hamstring) as you begin to fall. Repeat as much as needed to internalize the feeling.


Jump Rope, Single Unders - Grab a jump rope and do 60 seconds of single-unders, focusing on quick, crisp ground contact. Then do 30 seconds on each foot, again focusing on control and quickness.


Jump Rope, Double Unders - Finally, do 10-15 double-unders. The aim here is to add a small plyometric stimulus to your training which helps you not only become more explosive but also develops foot quickness.


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