Author: Shawn Gerber

Coach Shawn Gerber is Breaking Muscle's Expert Coach in Residence. If you are looking to get into triathlons, or are a triathlete already and want Coach Gerber to cover a topic you are interested in, or would like him to address a specific issue you may have, email [email protected]. Put Coach Gerber in the subject line, and let us know what you need in your training. Shawn is a coach, endurance athlete, and writer with a (slight) obsession for testing the limits. Initially from a cycling background, Shawn moved into triathlon where the sport and people captured his heart, and lit a fire that eventually kickstarted his fitness career. Shawn specializes in coaching endurance athletes and works with triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers across the globe through his company Rare Air Fitness. Helping people transform their lives with fitness and nutrition is Shawn’s other love. He is passionate about helping the everyday person become the best version of themselves. Shawn works with people who want to look, feel, and move better, and offers one-on-one and small group training sessions through his other brand, Shawn Gerber Fitness. He lives in Wooster, Ohio (which is a great basecamp for all kinds of adventures) and believes the right number of bikes to own is n+1. He has way too many running shoes, is a strong believer in bacon and chocolate and, believe it or not, has never drank coffee.

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