A Dedicated Rowing Plan for 60 Year Old Masters

Ellen Tomek


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States



A Dedicated Rowing Plan for 60 Year Old Masters - Fitness, strength and conditioning, mature athlete, aerobic fitness, cardiovascular fitness


As we age, the body starts to break down more quickly and takes longer to recover from exercise. This training plan is designed for the older adult rower. The reduced volume of work allows you recover fully from the workout by the following day.



The intensity of the workouts will help you to maintain your overall strength and power, even though the level of perceived exertion will be kept within a safe range. The increase in the amount of rest within a workout will help you to recover for the next piece and will allow you to stand up and stretch or lay down to help maintain spine health.


The extra recovery day for cross-training, walking, stretching, or yoga ensures you stay active, but still are rested by the next training week, and helps you to fit rowing (and other important exercise) into your busy life.



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