A Simple Anywhere Anytime HIIT Workout

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When it comes to well, anything these days, people are always looking to get the biggest and quickest “bang for their buck.” Workout-shopping is no exception. The more calories in a shorter amount of time, the better. Luckily, thanks to all of that “science stuff” we now know how to really zone in on the most effective workout in a relatively short amount of time.


How can we do this? Two words: Lift – HIIT. By lifting heavier dumbbell weights first, we target muscle growth, then smoking the calories with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to finish. It’s fast, effective and you’ll be burning more calories long after your workout.



Full Body Xpress Workout

Lift – 10 reps each exercise, repeat each set twice with 30 seconds rest in between.


Set 1

A: Chest Press


B: Triceps Push-Up


Rest – 60 seconds


Set 2

C: Shoulder Press



D: Row



Rest – 60 seconds


Set 3

E: Front Loaded Squat



F: Biceps Curl



Repeat all three exercises 3 times through
G: High Knee Run – 60 seconds


Rest – 15 seconds
H: Squat Jacks – 45 seconds


Rest – 15 seconds
I: Lunge Jumps – 30 seconds


Rest – 30 seconds


The best thing about doing a workout like this is it’s up to you how challenging you want to make it. Heavier dumbbells will make it more challenging and you will continue to increase in strength as well!


If you’re looking to enjoy a full workout plan with this type of short and effective design, then check out my full training plan Liift4.

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