Like it or not, once we hit our 40s, we aren’t able to exercise the way we used to without paying for it later. Our bodies don’t recover or heal as quickly, and in the long term, we can’t sustain as much training load as before. To top it off, our power output is also decreasing.


This training plan is specifically designed for the adult rower. With a reduced volume of work, an increase in the amount of intensity workouts, a slight increase in the amount of rest within a workout, and an option for an extra recovery day, this training plan will fit into your busy adult life while keeping you fit, strong, and powerful.



Let's cover some definitions. Try these rowing warm up (WU) and cool down (CD) routines as part of your routine. In the context of the programming, WU and CD refer to your build up and down in your stroke rate (SR). The SR is the number of times you pull in a minute, and is displayed on the erg. Your steady state (SS) performance means maintaining the same pace over a period of time or distance.




4x12 min SS
SR 21-22
2 min rest between sets
PE 5/10



15 min WU to SR
6x2 min on/off
1&2 SR 28
3&4 SR 30
5&6 SR 32
10 min CD
PE 8/10



4 min SR 18
3 min SR 20
2 min SR 22
1 min SR 24
1 min SR 26;
3:30 min 2 min rest between sets
PE 6/10



10 min WU to SR 26
5x5 min
1,3,5 SR 24
2,4 SR 26
3 min 2 min rest between sets
10 min CD
PE 7/10



15 min WU to SR 34
8x30 sec on/off
SR 34
15 min CD
PE 9/10



3x15 min SS
SR 18-20 / 5min
2 min 2 min rest between sets
PE 5/10