Announcing: "Dear Willow" and "Dear Coach" Columns

Ever wish you could just ask your favorite coaches a question and get a personalized answer? Well, now you can here on Breaking Muscle! The coaching/writing staff wants your questions!


Announcing: "Dear Willow" and "Dear Coach" Columns - Fitness, dear willow, dear coachOne of the things I love about Breaking Muscle and that I think makes our writing staff unique is the vast majority of them are working coaches - in their "real" lives they coach people on a daily basis, on all sorts of things like yoga, running, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, nutrition, health and wellness, goal-setting, and more.



Ever wish you could just ask one of them a question? Well now you can - kind of like Dear Abby but for fitness enthusiasts!


"Dear Willow"


Our resident yoga expert, Willow Ryan, will be heading up this column all herself. Starting soon on Saturdays Willow will be answering questions about yoga, meditation, the mind-body connection, personal development, and becoming the person you were put on this earth to be. I know from personal experience Willow has a rare ability to hear the TRUE question being asked her by a student and help deal with the deeper questions and conflicts manifesting in the mind and body.


Willow can teach us to be good to our bodies, kind to our hearts, and develop our potential on physical and mental levels.


To ask Willow a question email --


"Dear Coach"


I receive emails regularly from readers wanting a little bit more personalized information - questions about diet and nutrition, questions about supplements, questions about training methods. Well, Dear Coach is your chance to ask all these questions. You send in the questions and I'll make sure the best coach for the job comes up with an answer for you. Feel free to drop us a note regarding ANY aspect of health and fitness, from acupuncture, to Olympic lifting, to how best to train while recovering from an injury.


To ask our coaches a question email --


Keep an eye out for these columns -

"Dear Willow" will be on Saturdays and "Dear Coach" will be on Thursdays.


Send your questions in today!

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