Athlete Journal: Peter Egyed, Entry 5 – 3/20/12

The word for this week is DEDICATION – dedication beyond the daily or weekly workout, or even the CrossFit Games. And if you do make the Games – that’s ANOTHER level of dedication indeed.


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Peter Egyed – Athlete Journal 3/20/12

(Read Peter’s Bio here – he is a veteran of FOUR CrossFit Games!)


Regardless of our finishes in any single workout, event, or competition, we have to be dedicated to our cause. For me I have found a new life centered on my own health while helping others find their own. A poor showing of burpees, a weekend competition, or even the CrossFit Games takes nothing away from that. Our performances at these events do not define us, but they do represent our dedication to some extent.

Approaching the final week of the CrossFit Games Open we are seeing those who are most dedicated rise to the top and we are getting a pretty good idea of our regional competitors. Participating against sixty thousand people has been an eye-opening and humbling experience throughout the Open. To think it all started six years ago in Aromas with only sixty people is amazing, and I am excited for the next few months and what the future holds.

Personally workout 12.4 played to my strengths. After a few poor showings of muscle ups in past events, I have been dedicated to being more efficient with the rings. Going into it I had a plan of completing the wall balls in sets of 30 and, unlike the burpees from 12.1, I stuck to my plan. The wall balls were smooth, taking just over five minutes and then a minute or so for the double-unders. I got through the first twenty muscle ups fairly quickly, but I had to break the last ten into singles, leaving me only 30 seconds or so to start my second round. Needless to say my work in the past months paid off and I was content with my finish.

So in these final weeks we must continue to push our bodies and minds, but also listen to them carefully. One of the most important aspects of growing as a CrossFitter is the relationship you build with yourself. Never before have I been so in touch with my health and well-being. With that said, we need to be ready for up to three days of intense testing which will be Regionals and the Games. Our meals need to be planned out each day and we have to be getting enough sleep. Train smart, rest well, and let’s show the world how dedicated we are!