Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 19 – 8/25/12

Want to REALLY know how CrossFit Games veteran Travis Holley works out? This week he shares a video of he and his friends doing a killer workout together.

Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 8/25/12

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Hey Y’all –

This week’s post is going to be mainly video footage of the workout that some of the guys and I did on Wednesday. The video is pretty long (ten minutes), so I want to keep this short so you can get to that.

Really, there really isn’t anything special about the video. In fact, you will probably get bored watching it because this workout CRUSHED me! But, then again, that’s what I designed it for. You see, every once in a while, you gotta grind through a workout that seems undo-able. It’s one of the ways we can continue to push our own limits of what we think we’re capable. This is one of those workouts! I finished the first set of squats and knew I was in for a battle against the weight, the volume, and myself.

One final note before you watch this: I did no real editing to this, so there are some F-bombs in there. Just want to warn y’all beforehand.