Athlete Journal: Travis Holley, Entry 20 – 9/1/12

This week Travis shares his admiration for a coach we are big fans of, too – Zach Even-Esh. Check out what Travis is up to and see one of his favorite videos from Zach on “making excuses.”

Travis Holley – Athlete Journal 9/1/12

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What’s up, y’all!

As some of you may know by now, I have been given an amazing opportunity to lead and run an Underground Strength Certification here in Austin on October 20th. To be quite honest, this is a dream come true. I’m sure many of you know that Zach Even Esh is the man behing the Underground Strength movement, and is one of my biggest idols and mentors. He is truly one of those guys that every guy wants to be like – and for good reason. He is not only an outstanding strength coach and business man, but he is one of the best family men I know. Just an all-around stellar guy!

I’ve been working with Zach for nearly three years now, and he has seen me grow as a strength coach and person. Enough that he’s allowed me to run this upcoming cert! It’s truly an honor.

Now, that is all really back story. I wanted to share one of his videos that he recently posted because it’s that important. Zach goes on a rant about how people these days are just plain and simple SALLIES! The vast majority of people have no F*CKING clue what it means to work hard and push the limit. People put more work into making up “reasons” and excuses for why they can’t do this or that, rather than just F*CKING stepping up and leading from the front.

Let’s make a deal – I will never take the easy way out if you don’t. If we start there, and start living with integrity and guts, we might just start a revolution. It’s rare these days. People will notice – trust me.