Beginner Pull-Up Series: Negatives and Increasing the Loading

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Beginner Pull-Up Series: Negatives and Increasing the Loading - Fitness, Gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, pull ups, lats, scapula, beginner pull up series


The Beginner Pull-Up Program is designed to help you achieve your first strict pull-up. If you already have a pull-up or two, this program will help you progress your strength toward longer sets and more advanced pulling movements.



This program is broken into five weeks, each focusing on a different aspect of the pull-up. Each week brings a new sequence of exercises to be repeated 3-4 times in the week. These are 15-20-minute pull-up specific programs meant to supplement your normal regimen.


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Part 3 builds directly on the work from the previous 2 weeks. We use similar movements but increase the loading with more difficult variations, higher repetitions, and longer holds. If you have not yet watched and performed the program from the first two weeks, you might find this week to be overly challenging. The program this week is meant to solidify the benefits of all of these foundational strength elements.


If you have a developed foundation of pull-up strength you may find that you can begin here in Week 3.


This week’s program utilizes higher amounts of eccentric (lengthening or lowering phases) loading. Eccentrics can be deeply taxing on your tissue. This means that they bring great benefit but also need to be trained wisely. I recommend a full day off between these sessions to ensure you are optimally recovered before repeating. Perform this program only 3x this week and be sure to take a full rest day between sessions.





Beginner Pull-Up Program - Week 3

Block 1 - 3 rounds


A1. Underhand Negative - 5-10 sec hold, 3-5 sec lower, 5 sec active hang
A2. Overhand or Parallel Ring Row (flatter than last week), 2-3 reps
A3. Arched Lat Pull Down, 5-7 reps


*3 reps, 3 sec hold each

* Rest as needed between sets


Block 2 - 3 rounds


B1. Overhand Negative - same rep scheme and timing, 2-3 reps
B2. Underhand Ring Row (flatter than last week), 5-7 reps
B3. (Bent) Hollow Body Hold, 45-60 sec


* Rest as needed between sets

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