Coaching Rapport and Anxiety in Athletes

Mindith Rahmat


Women's Fitness, Yoga, Natural Movement, Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebells

Previous research has examined the dynamic relationship between coaches and athletes. New research in The Journal of Science and Medicine Sports analyzed impact coaching behaviors and rapport on an athletes’ perceived levels of anxiety. Researchers evaluated 228 athletes from 15 different sporting backgrounds. Athletes were assessed on the Sport Anxiety Scale and the Coaching Behavior Scale for Sport. 


Coaching Rapport and Anxiety in Athletes - Fitness, athletic performance, coaching, mind body, sports psychologyResearchers examined 7 coaching behaviors including; physical training, mental preparation, goal setting, technical skills, competition strategies, personal rapport and negative personal rapport. They also assessed four different types of anxiety including; total anxiety, somatic anxiety, concentration disruption, and worry.



Researchers concluded that coaches and athletes with negative personal rapport, had significant increases in athlete anxiety. Overall, negative rapport between coach and athletes was determined to be a contributor to athlete anxiety. It is also important to note that positive behavior and rapport between athlete and coach aided in reducing athlete anxieties.

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