CrossFit Masters and Teen Qualifiers 2017: Beating the Odds

Mike Tromello


Agoura Hills, California, United States

CrossFit, Children's Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting


Over the course of this weekend teenagers and masters athletes will be competing in the CrossFit Online Qualifier. It's pretty much like the Games Open in terms of set-up - you'll be doing it online.


The top 200 teenagers and masters from each division in the Open are eligible to take part and from that 20 teens and masters from each division will take part in the actual Games. 



The qualifiers went up last night, and you can find the details here on CrossFit's own pages, and below on my whiteboard.


CrossFit Masters and Teen Qualifiers 2017: Beating the Odds - Fitness, crossfit open, competitors, crossfit competitions, masters athlete, competitive crossfit, teen athlete

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In the video below, I am going to go through a complete review of the workouts and make suggestions on how you should approach them to gain the most advantage and increase your chances of success.


Good luck, and even if you are not participating to compete in the Games, you should try my strategies for these workouts and see how you do. It's a good way to build an understanding of how you react to my strategies and, hopefully, it will help you in your training whatever you decided to do.


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