Don’t Be an AskHole

Mischele Stevens


Barrie, Canada

Triathlon, Endurance Sports


Do you ask “strangers” on the internet about your training? Do you post videos and solicit technique advice? I bet you are even the type to follow the sheep with the ideals that suit you best. The comments that allow you to slack off or the path of least resistance. Congratulations you are an askhole!


Best defined as someone that constantly asks for advice yet always does the complete opposite of what you were told to do. In this case, you asked a large demographic of people and chose the easiest way.



And going against the popular opinion here... professional athletes are not always the best people to ask. They are gifted in their athletic ability, coached by a qualified expert in the field and can only speak for what works for them. That does not make them a coach.


Accredited and valuable coaches don’t become that way with a weekend course and spend their entire career learning. From courses to reading journals and studies, to being a guinea pig or working with other coaches and groups to help you be the best you can be.


In my 17-years of coaching there are still things I am learning and passing on. I use science-based principles for the many successes of my athletes. Don’t even get me started on subscription-based generic robot programming!


Now before you take Karen’s advice that works for her and yet could potentially injure yourself do some research into whether Karen is qualified enough to give you free social media coaching with no background into your fitness level and capabilities.


Not all experienced trained coaches cost an arm and a leg, some of us do it for the growth of the sport. You might even find one that will help you with just your technique. Welcome to the digital age that you don’t need to be in the same zip code.


Can we agree to end some of the social media madness and focus on building the machine to have the healthiest, strongest and fastest season yet? I am cheering for you!

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