Integrity, Authenticity, and Intuition – Do You Have Them?

We have to think about why we do things in order to do them most effectively and truly. We have to trust in our hearts and our passions.

The mindset with which we approach our training, our jobs as personal trainers and coaches, or even our work as shepherds to the next generation can make all the difference between success and failure. Approaching our work with integrity and authenticity results in progress, whether we “fail” or “succeed” according to the scoreboard. In living and dying by the scoreboard, we will we never actually win. We have to think about why we do things in order to do them most effectively and truly. We have to trust in our hearts and our passions.

That is just one of the messages that resonated this past week for me. Along with articles that highlight that topic, I’ve included a few practical ones, full of essential information.

Integrity, Authenticity, and Intuition – Editor’s Picks of the Week

The Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t Be a Trainer

Do you remember what drove you to become a personal trainer or coach? Have you ever though about the real “why” behind your career? Coach Eric Stevens looks at some positive reasons, and some not so productive reasons.

How to Learn From Both Success and Failure

There is much to be learned from winning and losing, from making the cut and from missing the mark. In this article, Coach Craig Marker gives us guidance on how to look at our performance in the way that helps us learn the most.

Why Does the Front of My Shoulder Hurt?

If you’ve been working out for any number of years, then chances are you’ve got some sort of nagging issues with your shoulder. I fall into this camp myself. For some insight into why this happens and how to both heal and prevent it, read this article from Coach Robert Camacho.

Dear Video Judges: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Integrity, authenticity, and honesty. These things serve us everywhere in life, but the presence or absence of them can become glaringly apparent on the competition stage. Coach Patrick McCarty examines the dilemmas involved in the CrossFit Games Open.

Chakras Demystified: Ajna – The 6th Chakra

Whether you call is your sixth sense, you sixth chakra, or your intuition, we all have that little voice inside that hints at what we really want. Call it your gut instinct, maybe, but we’re all better off if we listen to it, in good times and in bad. Coach Willow walks us through this intertwining of science and mysticism.

How Not to Be “That” Sport Parent: 6 Positive Actions You Can Take

The best way to encourage honesty and integrity in our children is to model that behavior ourselves. Whether you are a coach, a parents, or simply an adult presence in the life of a child, there is much you can do to help them grow up and behave in a positive, productive, and happy way. Coach Jeanne Goodes gives us six steps we can all take.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Muay Thai (Video)

Alright, a little less serious here, but amazingly practical and applicable for anyone involved in any of the striking martial arts – kickboxing, muay thai, boxing, and others. I always hear new students ask how to best wrap their hands and in this video Coach Orion Lee walks us through it step by step.

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