Intuition in the Kitchen: Are You Listening?

Michelle Baumann

Coach and Editor (US)

Eugene, Oregon, United States

Natural Movement, CrossFit

We were born with an innate wisdom to listen to our bodies. That gut feeling you just can’t ignore. But for a society that is so hyper-connected, we are incredibly disconnected from the world around us, and also with ourselves.


Somewhere along our journey we stopped paying attention to our natural human abilities, needs, desires, thoughts, and actions.



Intuition is a phenomenon that weaves through every segment of our lives, perhaps most notably in the kitchen.


The concept is simple: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. But if you have a history of dieting or follow rigid food rules, this can be rather difficult.


As a culture we believe that rationality should be the driving force behind our decisions.


Stifling our intuition in favor of what society views as “right” clouds your ability to recognize the clues your body is giving you about what you actually need.


Sure, eating chocolate cake daily may not serve you well, but if you enjoy something that society views as “bad” because you honestly want to, own it.


You don’t need to “start over tomorrow,” or “make a better choice” at your next meal. Embrace your choice and figure out how those choices can aid in creating non-judgmental relationship with food.


Consider these questions:


  • What would happen if you threw away every preconceived notion about nutrition that resides in your head?
  • What would happen if you gave yourself permission to enjoy food for more than its macronutrient profile?
  • Can you eat in a way that honors the feedback you get from your body and allows you to continue to move in a positive direction to meet your goals?


You won’t find answers to these questions here. Chalk them up to personal life work.


Peel away the layers and explore how the answers have potential to shift the way you view food.


This work may not be easy, but putting in the effort might cultivate a richer existence with food. Your body gives you the signals if you are willing to listen.

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