Just Call Me Hofer McTwisty (Journal Entry 4)

Brandon Hofer


Yoga, Kettlebells

Athlete Journal, Entry 4 - 3/23/2014


March 6th:



Swings x100 - 40kg

Turkish Get Up x5 - 40kg


March 7th:


100 Pull Ups for time - 18:37

20 sets of 5 reps


Front Squats - no timer

20kg x5

24kg x5

28kg x5

x5 sets


Double Swings x50 - 24kg


March 8th:




March 9th:


Yin Yoga


Fitness, kettlebells, athlete journals, Brandon Hofer Athlete Journal 1


March 10th:


Warmups with squat pattern mobility and overhead reaching


Sots Press:


Alternating press x3 each side



20kg Double Clean x5

24kg Double Clean x5

28kg Double Clean x5

36kg Turkish Get Up x1 each side


x5 sets


Finish with 24kg 100 Snatches for time - 4:50


March 11th:


Yoga Sun Salutations Warmups



24kg x3

x3 sets


Bent Press:

x5 reps each side (32, 32, 40, 40, 40)



40kg x10 swings

10 rounds



Like a Bretzel, but better:



March 12th:




March 13th:


Weighted Pull Up Ladder - 20kg x(1,2,3)

Back Squats x5

Increase weight on Back Squat each set (185,225,225,230,240,245)

x6 sets


Yoga - Twists and Hip Openers


Fitness, kettlebells, athlete journals, Brandon Hofer Athlete Journal 1


March 14th:




March 15th:


24kg - Clean & Push Press x (2,4,6)

20kg - Double Snatch x5

x3 sets


24kg - Clean & Jerk x (2,4,6)

20kg - Double Snatch x5

x2 sets


Upward Dog and Downward Dog to finish

x3 of each


March 16th:




March 17th:


Single Leg Deadlift - 24kg x5

x3 sets


Snatch - 24kg x50


Double 24kg Complex:

Clean x5

Jerk x5

Front Squat x5

x5 sets


March 18th:


Turkish Get Up x5 [32,32,40,40,40]

Handstand Push Up w/ wall support x5 - 3 sets

Swings x100 - 32kg

Swings x100 - 40kg


March 19th:




 Brandon Hofer is a personal trainer, yoga practitioner, and kettlebell enthusiast. Currently he is preparing for the StrongFirst Level 2 Instructor Certification, and you can follow his journal here to see how he's getting ready.



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