Author: Brandon Hofer

After his first experience with a yoga DVD borrowed from the local library, Brandon was hooked. Combined with discovering kettlebells, he had finally found the ideal balance between strength training and yoga practice, and is more than happy to spread the good news of a consistent yoga practice to others. Brandon is a personal trainer, yoga practitioner, kettlebell enthusiast, father, husband, and defender of the kaizen way of life and health. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his lovely wife Marisa, where he helps clients recover from weakness, injuries, surgeries, accidents, and chronic medical conditions by blending various styles of kettlebell training and yoga practice. You can find him at Kaizen Holistic Fitness in Beaverton or Kaizen Kettlebells.

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Yoga For The Strong

This challenging 30-minute intermediate yoga sequence works great as a stand-alone session or as a preparatory sequence for a seated series of your choice. It

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