Kettlebell Hip Hinge Drill

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Stand with feet hip width apart holding a kettlebell by the side of the bullhorns, keep your grip tight. Place the bottom of the kettlebell on your stomach and imagine breaking the bell in half at the handles, this will allow your lats to engage. With a slight bend in your knees, your back straight and your core braced, start to take your hips back as though they were on a train track. Do not sit down into a squat, as you move the hips back you should feel some tension in your hamstrings. 




One of the most popular exercises out there is the kettlebell swing, but it is also one of the more technical exercises. A common mistake is to assume that the kettlebell swing is a squat when in fact it is a hinge at the hips. This drill allows you to understand the movement of the hip hinge without having the ballistic movement of the kettlebell swinging.


Working with foundational movements like this is key to keeping your body in the correct form and building up strength and durability to be able to perform the kettlebell swing correctly.


The exercise should be performed under tension to ensure that the lower back is constantly supported, the glutes are the main driving force during the exercise to make sure that you squeeze them at the top of the movement.



Perform with a moderate weight kettlebell executing 10 to 12 reps.

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