Kettlebell Low Swing

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Place the kettlebell slightly in front of your body. As you look down at your feet, which are hip width apart, the kettlebell should form an equilateral triangle.  Set-up your hip hinge by slightly bending your knees, keeping your shins 90 degrees from the floor, your back straight and your core braced. Grip the handle tightly and imagine breaking the handle in half to create engagement of the lats, tipping the kettlebell forward. You are going to stay in this bottom position so that your quads and glutes only move in a slight bouncing motion. Imagine tapping the bell down behind you on the floor and then bring it back to the start position. You have the option of making this a continuous motion back and forth, or adding a slight pause at the start of each rep as demonstrated on my last rep in this video.




With the kettlebell hip hinge, deadlift and clean we are prepping the body ready to start kettlebell swings. The kettlebell low swing is the next stage and is a hard as nails exercise that sees you mainly in isometric contraction so your thighs and glutes will burn.  Bracing the core and engaging the lats will make this exercise more tolerable and help you build up some muscles endurance (time under tension).


I have a preference to doing this movement with a heavy kettlebell because you are using big muscle groups to power this movement so your body can handle it. This is a great exercise to compliment a kettlebell swing progression program or even as a finisher at the end of your workout.


Remember, as usual, form is key. At no stage should you have any pain in your lower back, if you do, then ensure that you are bracing your core and not rounding out through your back.



Perform with a relatively heavy kettlebell for up to 1 minute. If using this as a finisher then perform 4 sets of 30 secs work:30 secs rest.

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