Make Your Shoulder Hum Not Squeak

Alison Bristow


Agoura Hills, California, United States




Raising our arms above our heads seems to be a limiting a factor for a lot of people. We can bend in the middle, move our legs wide apart, and do a number of different upper body movements. But, when it comes to shoulders, even the best athletes can seem limited. If you add rapid, repetitive pressing and jerking movements into your workouts to improve shoulder mobility, you probably feel it in ways that you shouldn't.



Make Your Shoulder Hum Not Squeak - Fitness, yoga, flow, rehabilitation, flexibility, dynamic stretching, active recovery, shoulders


Ironically, the shoulder should be your most flexible and tactile joint. However, it is also one of the more complex joints in your body, a junction with a lot of connections coming in and therefore the shouler is susceptible to injury if not treated right. So, there are a lot of parts to go wrong. It's the same thing with your knees. You probably know someone right now who has a shoulder or knee pain. That's why you should try and have a bag of restorative flows or exercises in your fitness toolbox that you can pull out anytime you want to help you maintain your flexibility.


It should be noted compared to the knee, the shoulder joint is unique because of the wider range of movements. This includes the ways the ball and socket, as well as the shoulder blade and scapular-clavicular articulate. Simply, the knee goes back and extends to the front, but the shoulder rotates in a number of different ways that make it totally unique. It requires special attention. Give your shoulders some love, that's all we're saying here.


The video above takes you through a simple 25 minute flow to help your shoulders. If you want to make it easier to stream it anywhere you are, just register for the Breaking Muscle Whiteboard, it's free, and you'll have easier access to it.

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