Author: Alison Bristow

For Alison, teaching yoga brings together elements of her many loves – performing arts, music, movement, quantum physics, mind-body connection, healing arts, and spirituality. Alison’s primary love is teaching vinyasa flow, but she also enjoys breaking the practice down for beginners.Metaphors play a big part in her teaching – finding the larger messages that the asanas and breathing have to teach. Having lived among many different cultures within the U.S., from a small Oregon town to the Big Apple, Alison feels comfortable with and has a deep appreciation for all types of people. As an E-RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher, she completed her 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks in Larchmont Village and is happy to have studied with a teacher closely linked to Rod Stryker. In addition, she has logged many studio hours with teachers such as Annie Carpenter, Vinnie Marino, John Friend, and Sean Corne, and even spent two years practicing Bikram Yoga in the mid 1990s. Alison’s over-riding mission isn’t just to teach yoga poses, but to use the asanas as a means to give people a greater overall sense of well being and a connection to their center so that they can live happy, healthy, productive lives. You’re likely to find her reading a biography on Einstein and researching the latest findings of quantum physics, which she sees as a bridge between modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom. Recently she began combining her love of yoga with her love of nature by leading regular yoga hikes in the surrounding mountains.

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