Maximize Muscularity and Strength; Minimize Risk of Injury

Tom MacCormick

Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Sports Science



Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach, powerlifter, and educator. He's the co-founder of Pre-Script, which operates on the three pillars of mobility, stability, and strength.



In this episode:


  • Jordan identifies the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to enhancing performance, gaining strength, building muscle mass, managing injury risk, and developing more robust athletes
  • He explains how developing a foundation of ability and stability can facilitate an increase in strength



This is an interview I've wanted to do for several months and I'm delighted to finally get it done. Listening to Jordan will shine a spotlight on what your limiting factor is when it comes to getting results, it will identify why you get those nagging injuries or why you keep hitting plateaus in the gym.


I'm willing to bet you'll learn you've had a blind spot when it comes to your programming. What's crazier is that the blind spot has been hiding in plain sight the whole time.



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