Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience

Micki Pauley

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A mother is described in Webster’s Dictionary as a “woman in relation to a child or children.”


I have to say I was surprised by this definition because when I think of a mother, I immediately think of someone described as a caretaker – someone who is loving, passionate, and strong.



One of my biggest client bases and the majority of what makes up my group fitness class, Warrior Body, is mothers. Mothers of all ages – some who are new mothers, some who are empty nesters, and some who have children of all ages in between. I can confidently say that one of the strongest bonds amongst my class is made up of these strong women.


Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - Fitness, nutrition, fitness, motivation, gym, strength training, mothers, mind-body connection, hormones, dopamine, gut health, healthy lifestyle


While being a mother by itself is a full-time job, it is easy to just say, “I don’t have time to work out because:"


  • “I have to get my kids' dinner.”
  • “I have to take them to practice.”
  • “I feel guilty leaving them.”


While I am not a mother, many would argue that I don't have any business discussing this, I am the daughter of a wonderful mother who continually puts my brothers and myself first. That appears to be how it should be, right?


Yes, she could have made the decision on her own to create time for herself to come first, but many of the other mothers we were around – they too put their kids first which left little room for themselves to be healthy and active individuals. I am simply showing you what my Warrior Body philosophy has created for mothers throughout this incredible community.


Warrior Moms Create Magic

Heck, I have a cat and I feel bad enough leaving him throughout the day, so I can only imagine a mother leaving a child – however what magic has been created through at my gym is pretty amazing. Check this out...


One mom decides enough is enough – she is tired of feeling sick and tired and wants to make a change for herself – Boom, she joins our workouts. She loves it and now has a friend who is eager to set a good example for her daughter. She is skeptical of the program –


I mean have you ever thought of yourself as a badass keg carrying, tire flipping, can “push heavier than some of the guys” kind of girl? Well, her friend raves about it – so she decides to join - It is a ripple effect.



I want my group training sessions to be more than just a workout class, it is home to many strong individuals, and I highlight the moms in this article because I feel there is nothing like the strong bond between mothers. There is a special language they speak.


While helping others to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition is what I have practiced in the last decade – in recent years I have started doing a lot of work on myself through self-discovery and exploration. Learning my purpose and finding clarity in myself, I believe that if we truly understand who we are, become confident in our skin, and find clearness we can move forward within ourselves to reach our healthiest selves.


When you surround yourself with strong individuals who you have a connection with, your strengths become amplified. I believe being a mother automatically helps some of these ladies feel a sense of belonging, but when you are surrounded by others who understand the importance of their own health it helps to create a positive shift in your own mind.


Hormones and Feeling Accepted

In my last article – I discussed the importance of strength training and nutrition for women – taking care of yourself in this way is important for many reasons, but for females, having a sense of belonging is incredibly important for our own health.


When we feel accepted it helps to set off our dopamine receptors in the left side of our brain which is our motivation hormone. When we are happy and excited – our serotonin levels (our happy hormones) raise which in return gives us a healthier body as well.


The Importance of Gut Health

I preach to my clients how our bodies, especially our guts, respond to what our brains are telling us. If we are continually thinking negative thoughts, effects like our food not digesting properly, our muscles feeling fatigued, or feeling constantly tired are what we will experience.

All of this is connected by surrounding ourselves with healthy and positive individuals and understanding that it is just as important for our health as exercise and eating healthy is.


I am motivated daily by the strength our women in the class have and seeing the special bond many of the moms have in class is amazing. I see having a warrior body mindset as not just about exercise, but about making strong connections and building special relationships with one another.

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