New Year, New You: Set a New Intention For The New Year in 5 Simple Steps

Mindith Rahmat


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With the New Year fast approaching, and resolutions floating around, take a moment to clear the mind and focus on setting a new intention. New intentions allow for the setting of attainable and measurable goals, for the mind and body. Here are 5 simple steps that will take you into a happier and healthier New Year.


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Make a List of intentions -not wants and needs 

“I desire to . . . Ask yourself are these focused, realistic, positive, and healthy intentions? Ask yourself what I am doing to align myself with these intentions?



Align Yourself with Positive Opportunities

Positive Opportunities allow you to move toward your intentions, goals, and passions. Spend time with positive people who share similar goals. Network in your community and allow yourself to open up to opportunities that facilitate your intentions.


Clear out the Old

Clear out old habits, behaviors, and patterns of thinking. This is a critical step in setting new intentions. The New Year is a perfect time to let go and declutter your life to facilitate change. What negative thoughts are you done with? What patterns of thinking do you wish to stop? Think of this as streamlining your life, and keeping only what aligns with your intentions, goals, and passions. What environments or people are bogging you down or sucking your energy?


Express Gratitude

Gratitude is often left out of the process of goal setting. However, when you are setting an intention gratitude is a key component. Being kind, thankful, and appreciative, will allow you to move towards your intention.


Be Responsible

You are responsible for yourself and the energy you bring into any environment. Take accountability for yourself and your actions. Contemplate the areas that you do well and examine the areas of your life that you need to improve.


Use this accompanying meditation practice to go deeper.



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New Year: New You Meditation



Make a list of 5 intentions --not wants and needs.

“I desire to . . ."


Are these intentions focused, realistic, positive, and healthy?



Ask yourself, what I am doing to align myself with these intentions?


Find a comfortable seat and close the eyes.


Visualize a few intentions that you have set. If you feel overwhelmed just pick one intention for this practice.


While the mind is focused, try to keep the breath smooth and even.


Visualize yourself aligning with opportunities to realize these intentions.


Stay with smooth and even deep breathing.


Begin to visualize yourself realizing these goals. What does it feel like, look like, and smell like. Take in all the sensory information that is available.


Stay with smooth and even deep breathing for 5-10 minutes. 

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