Overuse Injuries Prevalent in Multi-Season High School Athletes

Mindith Rahmat


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Overuse Injuries Prevalent in Multi-Season High School Athletes - Fitness, injury prevention, sport injury risk, high school athletesNew research from Nationwide Children's Hospital evaluated the seasonal patterns of High School athletes and overuse injuries. Researchers assessed 9-12th grade subjects who played sports over a 12 month period. They found that the females athletes suffered more overuse injuries than the male athletes and this increased with age. Athletes who played multi sports in multi seasons per calendar year. The athletes who were active in sports programs all year had a much higher rate of overuse injury risk. Researchers asserted that there was 42% higher risk of overuse injuries for those who played fewer than 4 seasons. 


Parents, coaches, and strength and condition professionals should monitor the number of sport seasons played by high school athletes and assess these athletes health and wellbeing often. Researchers also recommend that high school athletes consider taking at least one season off from a sports program each year.

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