Patrick McCarty’s CrossFit Holiday Wish List

If you have a CrossFit fanatic in your life, here are the items they simply cannot do without. I suggest you brighten their day with one of them this holiday.

EDITORS NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Here are ten gift ideas from CrossFit athlete Patrick McCarty

EDITORS NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Here are ten gift ideas from CrossFit athlete Patrick McCarty

Patrick’s CrossFit Holiday Wish List

This is my holiday wish list for 2013. You may purchase any of the items below and ship them to me at your leisure! Actually, these are items I simply cannot do without. I suggest that you brighten your family or friend’s holiday with one of them.

1. King Kong Gym Bag 2.0 – $99.95

This is where it begins. None of the items below go anywhere unless there is a bag in which to put them. And frankly, there is no bag large enough, but this one is close. Seriously. I have shoes, belts, more shoes, ropes, clothes, tape, protein shakers, and more in my bag. The King Kong is pretty sturdy and large enough for two pairs of shoes in their own compartments. You need a bag. Try the King Kong.

2. Speed Jump Rope – $25.95

This is the jump rope you can’t live without. Lightweight, fast, and extremely portable, it spins perfectly, each and every time. There are a lot of ropes out there, but this one is it. Best yet, it’s very durable – it takes a beating in my bag along with shoes, protein cans, and more, and never kinks.

3. Coach Athletic Tape – $7.95

It might seem pretty simple, but there is a world of difference in the quality of tape. Coach brand tears easily (no biting) and stays on. Perfect to tear down the middle for individual fingers. There are always two to three rolls in my bag at any time.

4. Strengthshop Double Ply Thor Knee Sleeves – $49.95

Commonly referred to as “Bee’s Knees” knee wraps, these solid, colorful knee supports are perfect for shoring up support of your knees as you begin to get heavy in the squat. Try them! They come from the UK so the shipping is a bit more expensive, and you will stand out, but they are simply great for knee support. You will put 20lbs on your squat PR.

5. Atlas Wrist Wraps – $35.00

I go nowhere without my Altas Power Wraps. Nicko, the creator and owner of the company, does a fantastic job customizing your wraps to your liking (you can create your own, use your box’s logo, choose color of thread and fabric, etc). But best of all they are lightweight and VERY easy to use – tighten and loosen at will. They provide great support to wrists for any bar work. Nicko and the good folks at Atlas also sponsor athletes who are games-bound, helping defray the cost of the games-related expenses.

6. OPT “Unbroken” Tee – $28.00

‘Nuff said. This is my favorite tee shirt. I am a medium. Thank you in advance!

7. Reebok CrossFit Lifter – $149.99

Here is why I like these shoes, folks. They are perfect for Olympic lifting and squatting as they bring a solid heel for stability. But in addition, they are flexible enough to work with you on some mixed modality workouts. For example, you can box jump in these shoes, do handstand push ups, double unders, and other movements. While I would not recommend running in them, they are fairly transferrable to a lot of other movements where having an oly shoe for stability would be best. Fran? Absolutely. Diane? No question. Amanda? Perfect. Great fit, style, and plenty of colors to choose from.

8. Progenex Belgian Chocolate Recovery Protein – $59.95

Let’s face it – protein is protein. Everyone says their delivery system and uptake rate is better, but who really knows? I don’t. All I know is that hydrolized whey protein isolate is hydrolized whey protein isolate, so I would rather go with what tastes the best. For me, that’s Progenex Belgian Chocolate Recovery. It contains 23g of protein per serving, and yes, I know, 5g of sugar. That’s why it tastes so good. But after a really tough training session, the last thing I want to do is choke down a shaker full of chalk. I will trade the 5g sugar for a shaker full of deliciousness.

9. Harbinger Weight Belt – $23.99

As CrossFitters, it’s probably not necessary to invest in a six-inch leather weight belt. We’re rarely doing powerlifting numbers. But the ability to exert that external pressure against a solid belt is well served by my Harbinger Velcro belt. It does the job and it easy to tighten and loosen between sets. It’s also lightweight and travels well.

10. Reebok Nano 3.0 shoes – $119.98

I was a Chuck Taylor man before the Nanos came along and I won’t go back. You can run a 3K, do double-unders, climb rope, or pretty much anything you need to do with this sturdy, flexible CrossFit shoe. You can also design your own color scheme. Go flashy or go practical, but this durable, comfortable shoe is a must-have item.