Results: How to Live at Your Goal, Instead of Visit It

The word ‘results’ gets thrown around a lot in the fitness industry. But what are results, really? Results are things that solve problems and change lives. Results are thing that take real, hard work.

Perhaps the most commonly used word in the fitness and wellness industry is the word ‘results.’ People want them and we promise to deliver them. Indeed, we are a results-oriented society and customers in any business have come to demand them. Our sports culture is also consumed by this word, and as a ‘result’ you see things like the recent Lance Armstrong debacle. Results have come to mean you need to win at any cost. The result is the win, whereas the cost can be a different type of result. Ask Lance.

The fitness and wellness industries are also focused on providing our customers the immediate result and the win-at-any-cost mentality. People want to win today and achieve that goal today, for that is what people take results to mean – now. Right now. Sport and fitness literature and media is littered with before and after shots, quotations, and data promising the end place that people want – the result. Fair enough. Give the customer what she wants. But what truly is a result? How is it defined?

1. Result – defined as to proceed or arise as a consequence…to arise as a consequence effect, or conclusion. from the latin resultare – to rebound. To leap. To leap back; to rebound.

2. (v. i.)To come out, or have an issue; to terminate; to have consequences; – followed by in; as, this measure will result in good or in evil.

3. (n.)The decision or determination of a council or deliberative assembly; a resolve; a decree.

4. (n.)A flying back; resilience.

Look at these words associated with result: rebound, terminate, resolve, resilience. None of these words sound like ‘get it now’ words to me. They sound like ‘work your butt off for years’ words to me. These are words that are not found in a box, fad, or program, they are found within.

Real results are lasting. What are we doing in the fitness and wellness industry to help those in need reach real and lasting results? Again, the answer is found by assessing and understanding the nature of the word. What is a result, really? A result is something that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem. That is a result is a solution, i.e. a lasting result. Diets by this definition are not results; they are temporary. As a matter of fact, one could contend that not only do diets not deliver results, but they deliver bad results. According to recent research from UCLA, up to two-thirds of those on a diet gain more weight back than when they started. Hmm.

results, goals, goal setting, fitness results, diet results, exercise resultsThis is the crux of where I take issue with this word being thrown around so carelessly and optimistically. Results aren’t a quick fix. Results solve. We see the same dynamic happening in medicine where consumers take a pill to mask a symptom, versus seeking to prevent or solve the issue. Similarly, diets and many supplements and programs promise a result or consequence, but solving happens when we address underlying issues. Diets, pills, fads, and trends do not help us to do that.

Results are within us. We all have woven into the fabric of our beings the ability to achieve the result we are looking for – health, happiness, love, peace of mind. But this resolve takes effort and most likely, a great deal of effort.

You want results? Expect sweat equity and lots of it. You want results? Seek a coach, product, or program that backs up its claim with passion and practice. My coaches live what they preach. My coaches also aren’t rich, and they would do what they do for free because for them it isn’t about the money – it’s about purpose and making the world a better place. This is what we should be selling in the fitness and wellness industry. It’s what I love about being a boxing coach.

There’s only one word that can get you to your goal and result as a martial artist and boxer – work. Another way to say it is respect, as in self-respect. There isn’t a pill you can pop or a diet you can take that can give you that heart necessary for real results. In reality, all results are that way – no shortcuts – just hard, hard work.

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.