Strength and Conditioning Implications for Supercross BMX Athletes

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The sport of Supercross BMX is a rapidly growing sport. Supercross BMX racing became an Olympic sport at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. BMX races are essentially sprint races on built off road racing tracks around 1000 feet long. These tracks usually consist of banked turns and jumps. The sport of Supercross BMX relies on power as the race is a sprint, generally lasting between 30-45 seconds, depending on the track. Skills needed for this demanding sport include jumping ability, quick turning ability, rhythm, agility, and balance. When working with BMX racing athletes, coaches and must develop a specific strength and conditioning program to augment race training and enhance competition. Assessing movements and skill of this unique group of athletes is essential to strength and conditioning programming.




Strength and Conditioning Implications for Supercross BMX Athletes - Fitness, elite athletes, strength and conditioning, sportsNew research in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (2011), examined the movement and skill analysis of Supercross BMX riders. Researchers assessed 26 elite riders during the UCI BMX World Championships. All movement and skill analysis was captured on video footage. Researchers analyzed the various movement patterns including time pedaling, jumping and pumping for each event. Researchers found the men took about 39.62 seconds to complete a track, utilizing 30.45 pedal strokes and spent 11.83 seconds pedaling and jumping. Female athletes took 40.95 seconds to complete a track, 33.65 to pedal strokes and spent 14.40 pedaling and jumping. Researchers also analyzed dominant movement patterns for starting, taking off, landing and pumping. Dominant movement patterns were found to be associated with the hip and knee.


Coaches can utilize this research to aid in programming workouts that specifically develop the extensors of the hips, knees and ankles. A BMX athlete must also develop keen body awareness and gain strength through bodyweight exercises and supplementary strength work. Workouts on the track and race training work to develop necessary skills and transfer movements, but a cross training program can aid in the development of strength, power, and endurance. Sprinting activities whether on a bike, rower, or running can also be very beneficial in building a power and speed. 



Strength & Conditioning Components for BMX Supercross Athletes


  • Sprint and Speed Training Including: biking, rowing, running, and airdyne.
  • Body Weight Exercises Including: sprints, plyometrics, push ups, strict pull ups, box jumps, sit ups, squats, plank holds, and double unders.
  • Weighted Exercises Including: kettlebell swings, goblet squats, turkish get ups, dumbbell complexes, and sled/prowler work.
  • Gymnastics Skills Including: core strength, flexibility, stability, balance, trunk rotation and extension, and hip and trunk flexibility.
  • Mobility Work Including: stretching, rest and recovery.


Sample Workouts

Workout 1


6x 100 Meter Sprints

(rest as need to maintain consistent time across all sprints)


5 Rounds For Time

5 Goblet Squats

20 Kettlebell Swings


150 Sit Ups For Time


Workout 2


Tabata Row


AMRAP in 8 Minutes

8 Push Ups

8 Box Dips

8 Burpees


1 Leg Dumbbell Split Squat

(6-8 per leg, 4 sets, rest as needed)


Workout 3


Strict Pull Up Ladder


5 Rounds For Time

30 Seconds Box Jumps

20 Seconds of Rest

30 Seconds Double Unders

20 Seconds of Rest


30 seconds of each (no rest) X2

Plank Hold - Side Plank Hold - Plank Hold - Side Plank Hold


Workout 4


4 Rounds

45 Second Weighted Sled Push

Rest 1 minute

45 Second Weighted Sled Drag


10-12 Turkish Get Ups with Heavy Kettlebell/Dumbbell

(on each arm rest as needed)


Airdyne Recovery

(slow pace for 15 minutes)

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