Strength Training for Ice Cold Athletes

Tom MacCormick

Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Sports Science



Our guest, Yunus Barisik, explains exactly what it takes to produce elite-level athletes for ice hockey in this episode.



He particularly highlights the need for increased strength and outlines exactly how he structures his athlete's training throughout the year to optimize performance and keep them injury-free.


Yunus has personally trained and designed strength, speed, and conditioning programs for 500+ athletes at all levels of competitive hockey, including:



  • NHL draft picks from ten NHL teams
  • Men's and women's national teams
  • NCAA D1
  • The Finnish elite league
  • Ten gold medal winners at four different U18 and U20 world championships since 2016


Yunus has written the book on Strength Training for Ice Hockey. I’m not joking; he literally has. You can get a free copy. You can contact Yunus on his website or Instagram @yunusbarisik.


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