Supplements, Seriously?

Emma Oko

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Personal Training


In history books, nutritional deficiencies have usually been found in the wake of wars, droughts, and the wide-spread famine that results. These days though, most of us have the time and the resources to enjoy a balanced, nutrient-rich diet so why has it become normal to need extra helpings in the form of bottled pills and powdered scoops?


Food For Profit

Given that human health is dependent on nature and nature is there to serve, the supplement industry could be fairly described as a racket. The objective isn't to make food go further or necessarily make us any healthier. Nutritional supplements are often available for no other reason than profit.



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Since many of us are too busy or unable to manage our nutritional needs, food scientists and business brains have quietly come together to create some misdirection and, at the same time, stack some cash.


Let's be realistic, all supplements claim to be are synthetic imitations of the genuine article. In some cases, they have literally preserved extractions of a fruit or plant. Living food contains an abundance of every nutrient we need to live in supreme health so why not just go for the real thing?


The market for both synthetic and natural food supplements is worth billions and it doesn't stop at vitamin and mineral supplements, either. Protein shakes often contain very few ingredients found in nature.


In fact, to drive sales, some have started boasting about their scientific concoctions and laboratory formulated ingredients. Sadly, some of us are so confused over what's real and what isn't, marketing a product in this way actually works as a selling point.


But when we adopt ancient processing practices, such as sprouting and dehydrating, food becomes medicine for us and natural food, including free-range meat, is the ultimate human supplement.

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