After just a two-week training period, the glucose uptake in thigh muscles returned to a normal level.
Greg Walsh demonstrates an unusual kettlebell progression to diversify to your ground-to-overhead routine.
New research shows walking or jogging helps patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancer to cope better with the side effects of chemotherapy.
But the health problems begin long before you ever receive your diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance, even in its early stages, can lead to a wide range of problems.
It's not a matter of boosting anything, but of getting rid of the roadblocks that keep your body from optimal production.
It is hard to duplicate the holistic, intrinsic approach to health and fitness that faith can provide.
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The study found a harsh truth: only 35% of coffee drinkers have their coffee black. That means 65% are adding sugar, cream, flavored syrups, and a lot more crap.
A solid preparatory routine can spell the difference between a huge PR and a total catastrophe.
Proper pressure application will allow you to recruit the strongest muscles on every pull.
You don't have to be small and trim to reap the benefits of exercise. Exercise can decrease your cardiovascular risk even if you're in a higher-BMI category.
Your imbalances are setting you up for major consequences, if you don't address them.
Proper exercise progressions are essential for preventing sports injuries.
You know you think it's true: men are supposed to sweat, women glow. Science levels the playing field for the sexes.
Physical literacy will cure what ails our society, and it must be taught in schools like every other core competency.
Early in your lifting career, it's essential to create the habits that will let you train for a lifetime.