Pain may manifest in a single area of the body, but it indicates a dysfunction of the system as a whole.
Split lifts have fallen out of fashion among weightlifters, but they still have immense value as strength and conditioning tools.
Just because a technique is old, doesn't make it ineffective.
While exercises such as swimming and cycling are beneficial to overall health, these activities do not strengthen the skeleton. For that you need to lift some weights.
Learning the Olympic lifts is only possible after the lifter knows the positions at the completion of each movement. This article focuses on three exercises that teach the “feeling” of the bottom.
Weight is important. But speed of movement is an informative index to evaluate efficacy of training.
HIIT workouts can lead to improvements at a cellular level that may end up holding back the effects of aging.
Ancient cultures across the globe have included fasting as a part of their spiritual or meditational practice for years. Science see the benefits.
So, you're thinking of trying CrossFit. Let's delve into it and walk you through the door of your local box.
If you don’t track your training volume, you are leaving out a key method to assess progress.
The Mayo Clinic is getting behind a new body composition app in hopes of replacing BMI.
Your relationships matter as much as your workouts for a healthy life.
The point of your training should be to enable you to improve the world around you.
A study from UC Santa Barbara found that even small changes in the modern diet could lead to climate change.
Sometimes, the best program money can buy is the one written by the athlete for themselves.
Teach your body to achieve and maintain the correct positions, so you get the most from every stroke.
It's incredible how little you have to do to make a change in your levels of fitness so, why do people still have problems?