This fun, outdoor workout will get you moving while feeling good in the process.
Set your mind right and the body will follow.
To build a balanced, strong, injury-proof physique you need to do some unilateral training.
Everyone knows what wall I’m talking about, and when you hit it, there’s no going through it. So how do we learn to begin with to go around it, so we never walk into it?
If you prioritize your training to focus on generality and volume of work, you will set a better foundation to push the bench press harder and longer and keep it from stagnating.
Finding our personal strength balance through squats is the answer to eliminating pain.
When you need to add some size to your frame as fast as possible.
Diet and lifestyle changes can go a long way towards dealing with inflammation, while enabling us to train better overall.
Perfect your positioning of the barbell for successful presses and front squats.
The split style died with weightlifters decades ago but it appears that its funeral was a bit premature.
Team sports must become a staple for all ages or communities will slip further into obesity and mental disorder.
Functional overreaching is essentially short-term overtraining where you have a goal of digging yourself into a recovery ditch. Two weeks—two ball-busting weeks. Get to work and reap the benefits.
Never forget to trust the process as you ascend to higher heights.
Without the demands of survival, the human spirit needs occasions to organize in pursuit of shared missions.
What I’ve come to learn is no matter how well rounded you attempt to be, how educated and accepting you might become, there are certain situations where a woman on your staff is the only answer.
The third in a series of mobility instructional videos for total body mobility, stability, and strength.
You have to have some solid basics, or you just won't progress.