Studies show the average college student eats fewer fruits and veggies, lots of processed/artificial food, and are prone to eating disorders...among the most malnourished people in the U.S.
When everything is easy, having problems becomes a problem.
You can train your body to bend the same way you train it to be strong: systematically and progressively.
Scientists found that after performing two maximal sprints, each additional sprint in a training session reduced the overall improvement in fitness by around 5% on average.
Studies have shown that even a minor increase in brown fat (even just 50 grams) could lead to a significant amount of weight loss: as much as 10-20 pounds in just one year.
If life inside the big box gym is getting stale, try taking your workouts outside.
It may be worthwhile screening women, including women training as elite athletes, for iron deficiency.
You've done the hard part and had your baby, but before you get back to heavy lifting, give your core some attention.
Masters and teens athletes strategize their workout plan for this weekend's online competition to get a place at the CrossFit Games.
Mindless volume will never be as effective as high intensity to create progress toward your fitness goals.
The first few months after you start lifting are the best you'll have in your career. Here's how to get the most from them.
The Mediterranean diet is highly nutritious, is ranked among the healthiest in the world by multiple sources, and offers children a diet that is simple to follow with plenty of variety but can...
In an industry obsessed with techniques and science, it's relationships that matter most.
Because of the variety of connections, your back plays a primary role in all strength exercises.
Among all the ingredients for performance, nothing sharpens the blade like adding velocity and acceleration.
Gym etiquette is clear: Get off your cell phone, dingus. People who spend time on their cell phones never get a truly effective workout. Don't believe that? You can't argue with science.
Talent without long and focused work will yield exactly the same result as no talent at all.