So you want big muscles. Where do we start? We'll start with some of the ways that muscles grow through strength training and progressive resistance exercise.
While strength is definitely important and should be part of any runner’s off-season programming, so is the ability to develop power.
Expand your thinking and your practice outside of your typical gym routine by approaching all aspects of mobility.
Being on the road can be stressful, especially if it is because you are moving. Here are a few tips to keep your diet and fitness on track.
Deload weeks are a necessary component for looking good naked, maximizing performance, and long-term training.
This is not a sport that can be taken lightly or approached with indifference.
The thinking person’s barbell sport is poised for another surge in popularity.
If you want to be healthy, you must first learn to be tough.
Is it true, have we finally made menopause sexy? Wouldn’t that be fun!
Many athletes realize that Olympic-style weightlifting is not just weightlifting
An athlete is going to look like whatever she is.
Many competitors compete to be judged—I want to be freed.
I've got a really good drug to boost your performance, and it's free.
This episode, we cover topics included building size for different sizes, cardio that can burn fat while retaining muscle and much more.
These stretches will help you get started on taking control of your shoulder health.
This program requires no warm-up to begin. You simply need to set aside 14 minutes, press play, and follow along.
An undue focus on your short-term fears will guarantee you a lifetime of pain, mediocrity, and suffering.