Despite its relevance, the squat definitely takes detailed work to perfect.
Make the most of your cycle by learning what works for you while training.
This is a simple, effective, and complete training program to help you operate better in the world.
Might we be allowing ourselves to be less capable than ever before?
Whether you’re a weightlifter or a multi-modal CrossFit athlete, barbell complexes can be valuable for a number of reasons.
The only avenue for change is a willingness to stand against the insanity that currently entrenches most in lifelong nutrition-related strife.
Sometimes we overlook things such as fighting hard mano y mano, mental toughness and strategy, graceful technique, and longevity.
A correctly designed program with all the right exercises and sets and reps is only half the story. The other half is the effort you put in.
Dealing with life’s beatdowns head on builds resilience and defines what it means to be human.
Take the time, build the single leg strength, and pistols will come, too.
Your butt is the biggest muscle in your body. If trained properly, it should also be the strongest.
The take-home message here is simple: sometimes you have to be willing to listen to your body and back off.
You may have the desire to impress others with your summer guns, but all that is overrated.
The reality is, 80 percent of people who have sleep apnea don’t know it.
Often, when people fall off their meal plan, not only do they feel like a failure they also have no idea what they should eat and then, all hell really breaks loose.
The most sustainable, sensible, and successful lifestyle habits aren’t always sexy, but they work.
When it comes to fatigue during exercise, it’s all in your head.