Our biological needs include more than proper nutrition and exercise.
A muscle that is a flexor at one joint may also be a flexor or extensor at another. These are known as two-jointed muscles, and here are the most effective ways to train the ones in your lower body.
A two-jointed muscle involves multiple joints and certain considerations should be taken in training. Let's look at two-jointed arm muscles.
The importance of small details, long-term dedication, commitment, and striving for high-quality handstands will pay off.
Is eating ourselves into a coma really the best way to cultivate gratitude?
Be smarter this winter about how you approach increasing your strength.
If you change your thinking you could be turning in some of your best performances in your fifties. This is one person's inspiring journey that proves age ain't nothing but a number.
The work in this week’s program will challenge the base you've built in the first three weeks with a significant amount of volume and concludes with different ring variations to bring variety.
Take the time to enjoy your training, find balance, and set new goals because, in the long run, it will set you up for a lifetime of training that isn’t dictated by any season.
All you need to be in shape is your body, a bar, and gravity.
It's time we stop thinking of the core as just a six pack.
Smart programming, exercise selection, and execution can go a long way to reducing the risk of injury.
Sometimes you need to get creative to figure out the best methods in order to build muscle with the equipment you do have.
The fact is that men simply aren’t keeping pace with women when it comes to health and longevity.
Embrace your discomfort, because on the other side of it is transformation.
The tool matters far less than the tribe you build around it.
I’d like to persuade all women over 40 to start strength training for hypertrophy, today.