Push yourself with what you have as opposed to always trying to pile more on top of things that aren’t working already.
Improvement only comes from letting go of focus on outcomes and learning to experience the sense of flow that drives quality.
A new guest each month, interviewed by Greg Walsh and hosted by Breaking Muscle. This week, challenging the orthodoxy of the fitness industry with the founders of The Sect in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The problem with approaching fitness only as a means to an end is that there is no end, no limits, and no one to say what is right and wrong for you but you.
Target the scapular (shoulder blade) muscles, which get much less attention than they deserve.
Work towards a steady flow in every workout and you’ll reach the goals you’re aiming for.
Be safe, be proactive, and stay active.
Forget all the six-pack ripped selfies and marketing you’ve ever seen, let’s be real for a few minutes.
It’s important to ensure we are respecting our bodies and our minds by setting up realistic expectations in our training.
Dr. Wendy Walsh talks about the mental aspects of health and how the ways in which we sabotage our relationships can impact our general well-being.
Purpose stems from struggle, not from comfort.
In the grand scheme of things consistency always wins over perfection.
Find a coach, step into the weight room, and fuel your body to become an even better athlete than you were before your injury.
There is nothing wrong with a pre-Thanksgiving meal workout. Maybe this year it can have an intention of gratitude.
Of all the methods we’ve come across for fitting in fitness, none are as convenient and easily applied as Bruce Lee’s morning static contraction circuit.
Training is a necessary stressor to create a need for improvement or adaptation.
Correct your movement patterns to gain strength.