While enlisting in the help of a trainer may be a great personal investment, doing so won’t necessarily solve your personal problems.
Here's a great lesson to learn: you need to respect your body in order to grow it.
The snatch is a challenging, yet rewarding, lift to master. But, it does take time to learn the proper technique.
We should watch athletes perform to celebrate the extremes of human potential, not confirm our cultural biases.
This bodyweight squat, including some variations, activates so many positives in your movement patterns that you should really try and master it effectively and keep it with you for life.
How can you learn skills on your own confidently, without risk of injury?
This program offers the perfect combination of discipline, guidance, freedom, and agency. Craft your own program based on your mood and needs while ensuring structure and efficiency.
Reinforce the idea that living in a healthy way is normal, not amazing.
What you fight to overcome in the gym makes you stronger for everything outside of it.
Humans require a certain amount of variety to stay interested, so you have to keep your fitness routine fresh.
The show takes a turn into the world of medicine, as it focuses on a treatment that is growing in popularity with athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Properly prepare your body for exercise by doing an adequate warm up.
Stop selling fitness through the promise of a bikini body, and instead be good to your body, feel strong and empowered, and to be grateful for what our bodies can do.
Streamline may not be the only technique that helps us recreate a narrow position but it is certainly one of the most important.
Every mom’s journey is unique and, as usual, we don’t know the real story behind the perfect Instagram shot.
Expediency is never the correct answer when it comes to your health and fitness.
The primary muscle of the butt, the gluteus maximus, is the largest in your body. Small, wide, large or small, everyone has a different seat of power. Work it well.