Without the demands of survival, the human spirit needs occasions to organize in pursuit of shared missions.
What I’ve come to learn is no matter how well rounded you attempt to be, how educated and accepting you might become, there are certain situations where a woman on your staff is the only answer.
The third in a series of mobility instructional videos for total body mobility, stability, and strength.
You have to have some solid basics, or you just won't progress.
As much as we want to work through things and be tough, we have to recognize when it’s hurting more than helping.
You can't control natural talent, but only attitude and effort.
Adaptation is when the body changes, and it’s a process, not the prize.
You have to take control of your fears.
When you need help, get at least a few qualified opinions. Complement those with your own research, observations, and goals.
Resetting your defaults will yield success and drive insanity out the door.
Our environment and biology are oriented towards choosing pleasure and avoiding pain, but such patterns hurt health, relationships, and our ability to grow.
Progression often times comes with a change in location.
Taking care of the tightness in abductors, adductors, and hip flexors so that you can fully realize the potential of a fully mobile hip.
There are real costs of following the herd.
The age of automation threatens to make more humans useless.
It is the age of choice and opportunity. The sky is the limit and often that creates paralysis by analysis.
There’s no point in living in fear.