Free Sport Specific Workouts – Hockey and Football

Are you a football or hockey player looking to improve conditioning and build strength? You need to check out our free 12-week sport specific workout programs.

Are you a hockey or a football player? Looking for a training program to get stronger and improve your conditioning? You’re in luck, because Breaking Muscle is giving you free sport specific workouts designed for both hockey and football.

Football Workouts

Our entire twelve-week football program is currently available online. It is a linear progression program with the goal of safely building your strength training without sacrificing power. It was designed by seasoned football coach Terrance Gant. Click here for access to the entire twelve-week program.

Hockey Workouts

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Our twelve-week hockey program just started this week. Jump in now to do the workouts in real time with coach Conor Doherty. This program is designed to optimize speed and strength, both essential aspects of fitness for competitive hockey players. Click here to get started on workout number one.

New sport specific workouts are posted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We also broadcast them on our Twitter and Facebook.

Is there a sport you’d like to see a program for? Let us know in the comments below.