Protein Powder 101

Chris White


San Luis Obispo, California, United States

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells


No sport has been left unscathed by a scandal involving the used of banned substances. The offending athlete’s excuse is often, “I didn’t know that I was taking a banned substance.” Whether or not that excuse is true, it begs the question: If a professional athlete doesn’t know what is in their supplements, how do we?


The content of protein supplements is cause for much confusion. Terms like “hydrolyzed” and “isolate,” are plastered on labels for whey protein, often accompanied by a considerable increase in cost. Then there are plant-based proteins such as hemp, brown rice, and pea proteins. But is it worth springing for pricier blends of protein powder that are said to digest faster or deliver more nutrients to your muscles? And how do your personal goals and dietary needs factor in? 



I sat down with Fluid owner Richard Smith to discuss the different types of proteins on the market, the best times to consume those proteins, and how and why we were able to design a protein exclusively for my athletes at Cal Poly. This video can be used to help guide you to make the best choice possible when purchasing your next protein product.



Don't think that your worries stop with what goes in your shaker cup:

Protein Is Only One Piece of the Nutritional Puzzle

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