Get the Low Down on Your Low Back

Low back pain is one of the top complaints in America, with related costs reaching $50 billion annually. Learn how to prevent and treat low back pain with these 8 articles.

Low back pain is one of the most common neurological ailments in the United States, second only to headaches, says the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Learn how to treat and prevent low back pain before it starts with these 8 articles and videos.

6 Steps to Heal Your Low Back Injury (Traver Boehm)

So you’ve done it, you pulled too hard with a rounded back on that last deadlift, or waited one second too long before tapping. You’re a CrossFitter or BJJ with a hurt low back. Now what?

Why You Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back (Willow Ryan)

You’ve heard it a million times before. Lift with your legs, not your back. But what does that mean? Let’s have an anatomy lesson today and see what the science is behind this advice.

Strong Foundations: Building and Maintaining a Healthy Low Back (Katie Chasey)

A strong low back is essential for powerful and injury-free movements in sports and other activities. But how do you keep your low back strong? Here are some dynamic stretches and lifts to help you.

Low Back or Leg Injury? Stay Active With Modified Sun Salutations (Willow Ryan)

Don’t stop going to yoga just because you’re injured. Use yoga to stay active, heal your injury, and explore your body and the yoga poses in whole new ways.

Yoga Proves a Cost Effective Treatment for Back Pain (Joshua Wortman)

A program known as “Yoga for Healthy Backs” is saving people and health services a lot of money in the UK. Treatment of chronic back pain with yoga results in lower costs and fewer sick days.

Breaking Muscle Video – Chair Twist For Low Back Tension (Jon Kolaska)

This week I’m going to share with you a simple exercise I like to do to stretch my lower back. All you need is a solid chair without wheels, but with armrests.

How to Heal Shoulder and Lumbar Spine Injuries (Lindsey Mathews)

As a health practitioner, the two most common injuries I see are shoulder and low back injuries. Here is my advice for how to handle and heal from these common athletic injuries.

Dear Willow: Need Help With Low Back Pain During Meditation and Yoga (Willow Ryan)

Do you get back pain while sitting in meditation or certain yoga positions? This week Willow walks us through the reasons for this pain and how to develop a strategy to work with it.